Wear Soha Case Study

Wear Soha is a multinational e-commerce platform, catering to fashion-forward women across the globe. With dedicated versions for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and a global version, the company approached Zensprint with the goal of creating a scalable, high-quality platform, along with iOS and Android mobile applications.


Client Requirements

The client required a multi-version platform, complete with backend, frontend, and dedicated Android and iOS applications. They sought a robust DevOps service along with a striking UI/UX design. Key requirements included multi-currency support, differentiated inventory, delivery options and analytics, and a secure authentication system for each specific region (Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and global). The challenge was embraced by Zensprint's engineering team, resulting in a successful deployment. Zensprint also designed the platform's User Experience & User Interface based on the client's user data and specifications.


Key features

Multi Currency, Multi Inventory

The main feature of Wear Soha Ecommerce Platform. Based on the user location the website and mobile applications offer different currency and inventory. The user can change their location anytime.

Multiple Authorization

The Wear Soha platform has multiple types of authorizations based on the location of the users. The platform also has a global version for the users outside Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Country wise Payment gateway

The platform has country wise payment systems integrated. For Bangladesh the Qtec Solution Limited, Software Development Company team has integrated SSL Wireless Payment gateway the most famous payment gateway of Bangladesh. For Singapore and others, we have integrated the Stripe payment gateway that accepts VISA, Mastercard.

Dynamic Coupons

The Wear Soha platform has a dynamic option for dynamic coupons. Coupons can be used for different countries, categories, products and options.

The class UX

The global standard class User Experience and User Interface design is one of the key features of this project. Based on the fashion and design trend of the industry our experienced UX designer has designed mobile applications and websites.

Multi Country delivery system

Wear Soha has a multi country dynamic delivery system. It’s amazing how the development solved the problem of delivering products to multiple countries with multiple delivery address charges.

How we build it?

Embarking on every project with a clear roadmap, Zensprint initially focused on crafting the Most Viable Product (MVP) for Wear Soha. Utilizing key technologies such as Flutter, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, and Django, our team successfully implemented critical ecommerce features - product addition to cart, payment transactions, and order placements. Upon finalizing the design, we transitioned to developing a comprehensive system architecture that served as the cornerstone for the full-scale platform.