Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most widespread and largely adopted cloud platform. It is a subsidiary of Amazon. AWS is a mixture of infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and packaged software as a service offerings. It can offer organization tools such as compute power, database storage and content delivery services.


Why AWS?

AWS enables you to select the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services you need.


Easy to Use

AWS provides a very user friendly interface called AWS Management Console. This service interface provides access to a wide number of applications and services.


Diverse Layout of Tools

Though it was meant for cloud storage and computing first, it is now expanded into 70 more services. Such as database, software, mobile, analytics and networking.


Unlimited Server Capacity

Because of unlimited capacity the AWS rules the cloud computing space. If you require a solid place to store your information then AWS is the best choice.



One of the biggest advantages of using AWS is its incredible security and capability to keep your information, IT infrastructure and so much more, safe.


Flexibility and Affordability

One of the major benefits of AWS is its flexibility. With its infrastructure on demand, there’s basically no limit to how much you can use. AWS provides you with various options. When it comes to price AWS is very much affordable.


Why is AWS a good Cloud Platform Choice?

With AWS, you receive a virtual environment that lets you load the software and services your application requires. It comes in handy for small businesses on tight budgets looking to grow without paying a small fortune for web services. AWS has significantly more services, and more features within those services, than any other cloud provider–from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics etc.