Android is a mobile operating system which was developed by Google. It is designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Android Operating System(OS) is based on the Linux Kernel. It is open source. For each phone the operating system can be customized by the developers. Developers can create Programs for Android using the free Android software developer kit.


Why Android?

Android provides a rich application framework that allows to build innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a java language environment.


Open Source

Android works with open source. As a result anyone can create applications and contribute to increasing its offer in the Android universe. Errors can be reviewed and repaired more quickly as its code is open.


Customizable User Interface

Google’s been making Android’s user interface as flexible and customizable as possible. As a result Android is filled with a force of customizable widgets. These widgets can be used anywhere in the UI.


Multi Tasking

With Android Operating system, you can open multiple applications at the same time and run them together. When you are not using them they go into sleep mode.


Continual Improvement

There is continuous check on the codes and features, making modifications and alterations, bringing in better upgrades all the time in the Android operating system. Android is always adding new features while removing old features that users do not like.



The Android operating system has got the largest community in the world. Which is constantly moving towards better growth.


Why is Android a Good Mobile Operating System Choice?

Android provides a lot more functionality, flexibility and freedom of choice. This operating system is easier to use. Android rules the global market. One of the strong points of Android is the level of customization this operating system provides. The Android operating system also has unique hardware capabilities. It comes with the widest choice of accessories. Android is always a good option when it comes to these benefits.