The Feel Good Factory Case Study

The Feel Good Factory (TFGF) is a reputable gym based in Bromley, South London, co-founded by three individuals, including Premier League footballer Nathaniel Clyne of Crystal Palace. Before their gym's official launch, they sought out our services to establish their online presence. This online extension of their business was to be realised through an iOS application developed using Swift and Xcode, and a website built with WordPress, HTML, and CSS. The designs for both the app and website were conceptualised and created using Figma.


Client Requirements

TFGF required an online platform, enabling users to sign up for membership and browse various classes and facilities on the website. They envisioned the app as a social network within the gym, allowing users to sign up and connect with personal trainers to organise sessions. Features requested included instant messaging, social media integration, and a payment gateway with Stripe and Apple Pay. They also required a Firebase database to store all user data.


Key features

How we build it?

Our team began by developing the iOS app using Swift in Xcode. After extensive testing with real gym-goers, the clients were satisfied with the product, leading to its successful launch on the App Store where it proudly holds a 5-star rating. Shortly after, we released the website online. TFGF has since engaged a team of marketing experts to further elevate the platform. We are proud to have been part of their journey, transforming an idea into reality, a testament to what Zensprint does best.