Brightskills Case Study

Brightskills, an e-learning platform commissioned by Creative IT Institute, offers a wide variety of video courses. Zensprint successfully developed the platform, integrating interactive features to engage users.


Client Requirements

The client required a comprehensive e-learning platform featuring detailed courses, an interactive classroom experience, a points system for purchases and completions, and a comprehensive student dashboard.


Key features


This section is filled with video lessons, quizzes, and course resources where a student can watch videos, take quizzes and download course resources.

Course Progress

Whenever a lesson, quiz & course resources is completed by a student the course progress updates dynamically. This section allows a student to quickly know about the progress status of a particular course

Quizzes and Resources

A course consists of multiple quizzes and lessons. A student must participate in these tests to complete a course. Students can download course resources if there's any.

Point and Balance

We developed a refer point system for Brightskills. An user can get points upon purchasing a new course or sharing their reference url. Accumulated points can be converted into Brightskills balance and a user can purchase courses if they accumulated enough balance.


A student is given a certificate upon successfully completing a course. The certificate can easily be downloaded or directly shared on social media platforms.


Brightskills has many types of coupon systems. We have developed a single course coupon system as well as a bundle coupon system. In the bundle coupon system an user can purchase multiple courses under one coupon.

How we build it?

Zensprint successfully developed the MVP for Brightskills, integrating key e-commerce features and multiple payment gateways. The platform was made mobile-friendly and designed with excellent UI/UX, utilizing Agile Software Development Methodology for its creation.