Stech Case Study

Stech Group is a parent company that operates numerous subsidiaries across diverse sectors like agro-fishing, auto brick production, ICT, travel, and more. With an international footprint, they also plan to extend their reach into the textile sector. Their primary goal is to improve the economic conditions of Bangladesh. Stech Group approached Zensprint with the vision of creating a captivating, technologically advanced website that would appeal to clients in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries. The Zensprint team dedicated their best efforts and expertise to build this website, utilizing Django/Python at the backend with templates on the front.


Client Requirements

Stech Group sought a portfolio platform with top-notch UI/UX design. One of their requirements was a comprehensive adverb covering their business, services, clients, company details, strengths, and more. They wanted to incorporate various images and videos and requested a 3D logo with transitions. Fluid animations and the use of three.js were also in their wish list. They required the site to be available in different languages like Arabic, Korean, and Bangla, reflecting their multinational operations. Despite the project's challenges, the Zensprint team rose to the occasion, providing a pixel-perfect design in line with the client's requirements.


Key features

Fluid Animation

We have implemented fluid animation in most of the pages. Colorful smoke appears while hovering the mouse throughout the pages. This fluid animation gives a bright look to the website. It also keeps the viewer engaged for a longer time on the website.


Three.js is used to make the 3D logo . The logo moves slightly here and there when the mouse is hovered on the logo.

Multi Language

The website can be used in multiple languages such as Arabic, Korean, Bangla, English and Chinese. For every individual language there is a data field in the backend. When one particular language is selected from the frontend, the particular data field in the backend is translated into that language and shown in the frontend.

Mobile friendly

The Stech website is built in a mobile friendly way. The website can be used in every IOS and Android device the same as a computer. Every content is super user friendly while browsing on different devices. The website looks amazing when visitors are browsing from mobile devices. It’s a mobile first designed website.

100% Dynamic Content

Stech Group website is made with 100% dynamic content functionality. Here the contents, pictures, videos, sections can be changed from the backend by an admin according to clients requirements.

Digital Ocean Space

We have used digital ocean space for this website. All the images of this website are stored in Digital Ocean space. When people browse the website from different locations the images load very fast.

How we build it?

While building the website, Zensprint aimed to make it visually attractive. To achieve this, fluid animations were inserted for mouse hover effects, three.js was used for creating the 3D logo, and various transitions were applied to logos and images. Unique dropdown menus were also added for enhanced user interaction. Key sections such as concerns, services, and clients were designed to be mobile-friendly, catering to the modern trends in website access and use.