SliceGuys Case Study

SliceGuys, a London-based pizza shop known for its excellent customer service and delicious menu, sought to expand its reach online. They partnered with us at Zensprint, aiming to create a user-friendly website and a bespoke Pizza Order Portal. This digital transformation allowed them to cater to customers' unique pizza preferences and ensure swift delivery times. Through dedicated teamwork, Zensprint leveraged Webflow, Node.js, and React.js to develop the website and order portal on time, further establishing SliceGuys as the go-to pizza place in the neighbourhood.


Client Requirements

Aiming to offer their neighbourhood customers a unique pizza experience, the client entrusted Zensprint with the task of creating an innovative website and order portal. This platform boasts unique features such as a pizza selection tool, an integrated Instagram feed, and Stripe payment gateway. The team even incorporated a distinct notification sound system and a feature to add various food categories. Thanks to Zensprint's precision and dedication, the client now enjoys a pixel-perfect website that truly delivers on its promise.


Key features

Instagram Feed Integration

SliceGuys website was developed with an Instagram feed integration. The recently posted few posts automatically get featured on the website due to this integration. When customers click on a post from the website the integration directly takes them to the Instagram post.

Make Your Own Pizza

The SliceGuys website has a feature where customers can choose and make their own pizza. Customers can choose the size, crust, toppings, and dips to make the pizza according to their taste buds. This makes Slice Guys many customers’ go-to pizza place.

Notification With Sound

Another unique feature is notifications with sound. When customers place an order on the website, the order notification comes with a sound. Due to this, it is easier to know that an order has arrived without looking at the website.

Payment Gateway Method

Stripe was implemented as their payment gateway method on this website. With just one integration, Stripe's payments platform enables you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other common payment methods from all around the world.

How we build it?

Zensprint’s dedicated team effectively harnessed their skills to develop the comprehensive SliceGuys website. The site boasts several notable features like Stripe payment integration, a custom pizza builder, and an integrated Instagram feed, along with a unique notification system. Our team, committed to the Agile software development methodology, leveraged Webflow, Node.js, and React.js technologies coupled with HTML/CSS to deliver a robust, user-friendly frontend for the website.