Lex Intell Case Study

Lex Intell SAAS (Software AS A Service) is an AI-powered pioneer in providing affordable, low-cost online legal research, legal database services in Bangladesh and beyond. The project, aimed at law practitioners worldwide, boasts access to millions of legal cases and documents. The SAAS system, designed and developed by the Zensprint team, is robust, scalable, and designed with a long-term vision. The core system employs Python for backend, ElasticSearch for scalable searching, and MongoDB for the database system. Zensprint has also created a Freemium solution for users of LexIntell.


Client Requirements

The client's initial requirement was the development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). They wanted an exceptionally fast search system and user-friendly experience, with MongoDB as the database system and a flexible backend language for future adaptability. For this, Python’s Django framework was utilized. The client prioritized the development of a judgment system where citation, notes, and judgment segments would be easily visible to users. A searching system with 5+ filtration, highlights, counts, and search within search features was also required. Additional requirements included a legislation system and category-based gadgets. The platform was to cater to two types of users: a SuperAdmin, capable of managing content and subscriptions, and regular users or subscribers who use the service.


Key features

Elastic Search

We have integrated an advanced elastic search system for a proper search from millions of data in the database. The searching system is super fast and shows results in a split second.

Multidevice Usage

The system doesn’t allow concurrent multiple logins in the system. You can login from multiple devices but not at the same time. Also, If you leave your PC reading a document half way and leave the device, you can continue studying from another device at exactly the same place.

Advance Filtration

Advance filtration is one of the key features of Lex Intell. When you have to find a specific case data from multi million data, you need a super accurate filtering system. We created multi layer filtration with search within the search facility.


The cases in the Lex Intell system are connected one with another based on the citation. Whenever the user is studying a case document, the judges cite another case on the judgement. We, Qtec Solution Limited created a solution to connect all the citations with another.

Data Dumping

The super technical team of Qtec Solution Limited has created an intelligent data dumping system that collects processes and stores millions of data in the system for its users.

Gazette & Legislations

The system also hosts a massive database of Bangladesh Gadgets. You can find the gadgets by searching bangla, english or banglish keywords. The website also has a huge collection of legislations.

How we build it?

Upon receiving a 100-page requirements file, the Zensprint team took on the challenge to convert these requirements into a Software Requirements Specification and identify the MVP. After six months of non-stop development, the MVP was ready for testing and was well received by law practitioners.