Exclusive Italian Gallery Case Study

Exclusive Italian Gallery, an Italian furniture shop located in London, has been serving the finest Italian furniture to its customers since 2009. Famed for their exceptional quality and attention to detail, the gallery also provides home decor services. Their expert designers, with years of experience, help customers bring their dream spaces to life. They even offer international shipping. Exclusive Italian Gallery approached Zensprint to develop a website that could provide customers with an overview of their products and pricing. The Zensprint team delivered excellent dedication to developing this website, adhering to the timeline diligently, and utilizing Node.js technology for the development process.


Client Requirements

The client desired a website that would function as a catalogue of their products, providing customers with initial insights into product designs and pricing. A significant requirement was the integration of WhatsApp, facilitating a feature that would allow customers to book video calls through the website. An enquiry feature was also deemed essential, and the website was to host a customer review section. The Zensprint team committed considerable effort to fulfill the client's requirements, creating a pixel-perfect design for the website.


Key features

WhatsApp Integration

The Exclusive Italian Gallery website has a WhatsApp integration feature. This integration allows a WhatsApp icon on all the pages of the website. By clicking the icon you can contact one of the team members through WhatsApp.

Book A Video Call

There is a book-a-video call option on this website. With this feature, you can schedule a video call. Through the video call, you can talk with one of the team members about your queries.

Customer Review

The customer review feature is another key feature. The feature allows all the visitors to the website to have a look at what other people are saying about their products and services.


The enquire feature allows the visitors to know information about all the products and services of them. With this feature, customers can get to know the prices, designs, color options, shipping system, and many more.

How we build it?

Zensprint developed the Exclusive Italian Gallery website in line with all the client's requirements. Significant developments included the integration of WhatsApp, the book-a-video call feature, a customer review section, and an enquiry feature. Other features were also impeccably developed. The development process employed Agile Software Development Methodology, with tasks assigned to designated team members according to the sprint. Daily meetings were conducted by the scrum master to monitor the work process and ensure progress.