Aion Tribute Case Study

Aion Tribute is a company that crafts unique memorial medallions to honor the memory of lost loved ones. Each medallion is laser-carved with a portrait of the departed and can optionally contain a small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, or other small personal items. Aion Tribute approached Zensprint to create a website with a simple, elegant design that resonates with the emotional journey of its customers. The Zensprint team worked with sincere dedication on the website, maintaining a planned schedule. The website was developed using Django/Python technology on the backend and Nuxt.js technology on the frontend, with a REST API as a bridge.


Client Requirements

Aion Tribute wanted a simple e-commerce platform (Backend, frontend, website) with user-friendly UI/UX design. They requested a straightforward process where customers could place orders without the hassle of sign-up or login. The inclusion of the Stripe payment gateway was specified. The platform was required to have a structure that allows customers to personalize their products with pictures, texts, names, dates, etc. A coupon system was also on their list of requirements. Significantly, they wished for the implementation of the Canada Post API to simplify the billing and delivery system. Zensprint built the website according to these specifications, offering a pixel-perfect design.


Key features

Product Customization

The team developed the website in a structure where customers can customize their products according to their choices. They can add pictures, texts, Name, Dates etc. They can also choose the font of the text. Pictures can be colored or black and white.

Payment Gateway Method

We have integrated Stripe as their payment gateway method. Stripe will provide more options for payment customization.

Canada Post API

Qtec team implemented the Canada Post API to this website. As a result the billing and delivery system got easier. Customers need to fill the house number and street name box and city, state and zip code boxes are automatically detected and filled.

Coupon Code

A coupon system is integrated in this website. Coupon code is generated from the backend by an admin. When a customer applies the coupon code it deducts the shipping cost.

Automatic Tax Calculation

The website is developed with an automatic tax calculation system. Customers need to enter the shipping address and the tax will be calculated and added automatically with the total price.

How we build it?

The website, an e-commerce platform, was developed with a focus on building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP was implemented by incorporating features like add-to-cart, payment processing, and order placement. Stripe was integrated as the desired payment gateway method. The team also developed a coupon system, automatic tax calculation, and implemented the Canada Post API, making the website more user-friendly. Agile software development methodology was used throughout the project, with the scrum master conducting daily meetings to assign tasks according to the sprint to the designated team members. The result was a pixel-perfect website that met Aion Tribute's requirements.