Comparing Outsourcing Options: Eastern Europe vs. Latin America vs. Bangladesh

Author: Taslima Akhter,

UI/UX Lead at Zensprint

Published: Oct. 14, 2023

Modified: Feb. 2, 2024


When evaluating potential overseas talent sources for outsourcing software engineering and technology projects, three of the most compelling offshoring destinations are Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the emerging player Bangladesh.

How do they compare?

Eastern Europe has an established and mature technology outsourcing industries globally, second only to India. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Belarus have abundant supplies of skilled developers and engineers. However, labor costs are substantially higher than other regions.

Latin America offers strong cultural alignment with North America and boasts affordable and fast-growing talent pools in countries like Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina. English proficiency can vary substantially across the region however.

Bangladesh is rapidly emerging as one of the world's most promising future tech outsourcing destinations. With extremely low costs, vast numbers of educated engineers, and British colonial roots, Bangladesh combines many strengths of Eastern Europe and Latin America.

While each region certainly has its unique advantages and labor dynamics, Bangladesh stands out for its optimal balance of low-cost, technical quality, scale, and cultural compatibility. For North American and European startups and tech companies seeking maximum cost savings without sacrificing results, Bangladesh's talent pool offers very compelling value.